Meet Randy

A Family Man Who Cares

Randy is a born Houstonian who has worked for 40 years in Harris County as a law enforcement officer. He is a Christian, a husband, father and grandfather. Randy is the only candidate who has actually worked in the Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy, a Sergeant Investigator, a Jail and Patrol Watch Commander.


Experience That Matters

Randy Rush has deep roots in the community, and has long been dedicated to serving it. Randy served for 40 years as a peace officer before retiring. He is a:

  • Master Peace Officer

  • Master Jailer

  • T.C.O.L.E. instructor

  • Certified Paralegal.

His qualifications do not stop there. Randy is also:

  • An Advanced Accident Investigator

  • A Major Crime Scene Investigator

  • Field Training Officer and Field Training Supervisor

  • A DWI Task Force Supervisor and Intoxylizer Certified.

He has served as a :

  • Jail Sergeant

  • Patrol Sergeant

  • Jail Lieutenant

  • Patrol Lieutenant

  • Patrol Field Operations Lieutenant and a Media Liason.

A family man that cares about his community.​


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